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Fe/Mn/Zr, BPI/FPIHMS 1/2, Al/Cu/Mg/Pb/Sn/Ti/Zn,
Cast/Rolled Ingots/Billets, HRP/HRC/CRC, DSB/WR

UKREXPORT Pvt Co. |2002 Statute|


Contact +380633307300 UKREXPORT@UA.FM

Welcome to UKREXPORT! Metallurgic raw materials have been widely exported out of Ukraine to neighboring countries, West Europe, Middle East and as far as India and China. Ukraine is export-oriented country, however it does not supply on prompt written request or in quick credit to buyer's bank. Because it's not  Switzerland here, not bunches of banks. It's bunches of laborers here, who understand TT in hands rather than BG, LC or smart derivatives of LC on the way... Smart foreign buyers always strive to access our mines and mills (as they know there's no shit in our mines and mills) but practically barely make purchase because Ukraine sells abroad on very same terms it sells locally to local customers. Whereas even dull foreign buyers mind becoming Ukrainians with Ukrainian buying habits. Oops, deadlock situations. But don't worry, dear dandies - you just found UKREXPORT in handy! Please submit your order specs and your company name for our very best & urgent pre-export invoice! Otherwise, take advice: What takes to make Ukrainian export is buyer's effected commitment to start export, not buyer's blue-sky thinking. Worst that often buyer doesn't think, does not even exist; his so-called guardian angels are flying in, spinning around, tickling by wings and reciting psalms. That is a mess, and that's why I practice my down-to-earth private business: 1) identify true buyers of iron & steel materials; 2) ascertain if they truly want Ukrainian raw materials; and 3) on earth not in air, if pre-contractual 2% has been deigned, hook them tightly with key contract holders here who dispose of our mines' and mills' metallurgic materials.