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UKREXPORT Pvt Co. |2002 Statute|


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UKREXPORT's secondary specialization is also metallic: metallic properties of vehicles. Limited approach lies in the fact that most consumer cars are only tentatively metallic. Fast, comfortable, luxurious, prestigious - but what if accidental hole, stone or intentional mine are caught on the road? Oh lala, unsightly situations. Happen all the time in Ukraine, in some neighboring counties and even in hot spots in prosperous countries. TVs and newspapers often feature dismal events of those bad metallic properties occurred publicly. No TV or newspaper tells, however, about typical Ukrainian parliamentarian moving his body in metallic shell 8-10mm, on self-pumping wheels and with AK-47 in trunk. He himself wouldn't tell about it to anyone, to journalists and paparazzis especially. Those suck, and that's why confidential clients for good metallic properties of vehicles is the flipside of UKREXPORT's expert's activity... Technically it is less knowledge-intensive process, only some 4 main classifications B6, B6+, B7, B7+ to improve any vehicle. Chassis reinforcement, lifesupport installation and bulletproof protection are carried out per one of these classifications following client's commensurate choice between his imminent threat and his committed expense. No need to scrutinize chemistry. No need to substantiate prices. Procedurally there is one delicate compulsory requirement: to disclose particularities of ultimate end-user and end-use. If you are president in chocolate you don't need to hide naturally. But if you are mayor-pauper, deputy-bum or judge-caroler you better buy agent 007 automobile quietly. Don't worry, dear humbled and humiliated. You just found agent 007 liaison and something to think about - $5000 prior to official contract. No one, not even tired and poor, can mislead special organization: no retainer, no mission.